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Overcoming Mediocrity.....Victorious Women!!

This book came about by pure and mystical kismet. Kismet is when all the stars align for you. I thank God, the Universe, and my Angels for allowing Kismet to sparkle for me twice in the past 8 years.  The journey in my life came full circle when one of my mentors Christie Ruffino were looking for authors for her phenomenal brain child, Overcoming Mediocrity project.

The blessing to be able to tell my story was a dream that I had planned,  but it was still just a dream. My mentor helped me to break through that barrier to be right here, right now with you.


We are Built Surive: My Life of Trials,  Tribulations, Terror,  Tragedy and Transitions

The journey is not always paved with roses,  and sometimes it's not one day at a time,  but one step at a time.  I teach through my core values and strengths that patience,  perseverance,  persistence,  and a promise most definitely has made me victorious.

 Through my transitions of building a business with my late husband,  losing my business partner,  going forward and operating  on my own,  and exceeding all of my expectations along the way to freedom,  I had reinvented myself as the author I was meant to be. 

I have ultimately found my purpose through my higher power and this beautiful Universe.

My story touches on just about everything one person can go through in this life.

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